Corporate Event Stage

Rent a stage for the business event you are hosting. Because it is both versatile and modular, our stage gives you the ability to create a variety of sizes and shapes to achieve the appearance you want. We currently have 12 x 1.2M sections which can create wide range of combinations. Contact us right away to discuss the stage requirements you have.

Venue Wash Lighting

The use of LED Mood Lighting, also known as up-lighting, is an excellent way to improve the overall look and atmosphere of your venue, party, or wedding. You are able to have a colour of LED Mood Lighting that corresponds to any colour scheme or theme you choose for your event. Simply illuminating the walls of your venue can transform even the most unremarkable of settings into a stunning one. You are not limited to merely lighting the interior walls; our fixtures can also be installed on entrances, where they can highlight features or be used to create a pathway.

Starcloth Backdrop

Star Cloths are an excellent tool for producing a visual effect in the space behind a DJ, a centrepiece table, or to draw attention to a particular region. With the help of our Starcloth rental, even the most boring room can look incredible. Our star cloth can be purchased in lengths ranging from 3 metres to 12 metres, with the shorter lengths being used to create a more intimate backdrop. More than 400 white LEDs that automatically dance in time to the beat of the music or can be set to remain static are contained within each section of the 3M.

Confetti Cannon

Confetti Cannons can be rented for use at events such as weddings. These are some of our most well-known special effects, and they can put a spectacular cap on an event, an announcement, or a first dance. Confetti is available in almost any colour imaginable, allowing you to perfectly complement the colour scheme of your event. To make the atmosphere with your guests more enjoyable, consider renting one or two cannons and firing them either one at a time or both at the same time.


Dry Ice Effect

The perfect outfit for the first dance at your wedding or any stage performance. We will create a cloud with real dry ice that will hang low to the ground in order to give the appearance of something that will amaze your guests. Other DJs may be able to offer a similar effect by making use of a smoke machine; however, smoke from these machines quickly disperses and does not remain low to the ground, preventing it from creating a cloud effect.

Dry ice effects can be provided for one of the dances, or we can assist you in developing a dry ice package for your special day. From photoshoots, entrances & dances.

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